Interview About The Older Adult Essay

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The older adult I chose to interview was a 90 year old, white female, of Mexican descent who was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. Her family consisted of three brothers, two sisters and two parents that “spoiled us all” Grant, M. (2016, October 28). Personal Interview. Her school life consisted of attending a French school (that really wasn’t an official school), followed by having a professor home school her for a year. Finally she entered a British school till she graduated high school. She then attended the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, or as it is more commonly known: The National Autonomous University of Mexico. Another interesting fact I learned about her family, is that her cousin was Frida Kahlo, whom she would “often visit, even though my mother didn 't’ acknowledge her as a part of her family. My brother and I would often visit her during afternoons after sneaking away from home” Grant, M. (2016, October 28). Personal Interview. I will now transcribe the answers to my interview questions that said subject responded to, the questions are as follows:
Do you consider yourself old? At what age (or stage) did you notice that you were getting older?
What is the most important historical event or period of time that you have lives through? How did this event or period influence you personally?
What is the biggest change you have seen in how people conduct their everyday life?
What have been some of the best years of your life so far? What are your…

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