Internship Reflection: My Experience At Greenwood Community Theater

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Internship Reflection From April through June of 2017, I was engaged in an internship at Greenwood Community Theatre in Greenwood, South Carolina, as they put on their production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. My role in the production included acting the play, helping the stage crew build and move sets, and producing two promotional videos for the theater. I was an actor in the ensemble, meaning I played various minor roles, including the baker, a crony, and a plate. As a stage crew member, I helped our technical director, John Keenan, construct set pieces for the production, and assisted the stage directors with scene changes, making sure the set pieces were moved properly on and off stage. In my role helping to promote both the production and the theater, I directed, filmed, and edited two promotional videos that I then circulated on social media. Through this internship I broadened my skills in both theater and public relations. For theater, I improved my choreography and musical skills, as well as my ability to take and apply direction. For public relations, I was able to exercise …show more content…
Theater, while I enjoy it, is a very demanding and competitive field to enter professionally. I would love to do it if the opportunity came up, but overall, I feel I am more suited for videography. Filming the promotional videos for the theater reminded me how much I loved to film, direct, and edit, and if I did have to compete to work in a field, it would be that one. The use and distribution of the video, however, was not my area of expertise, and so that task was not the most engaging. If I were to work in public relations, I would have to improve my networking and promotional skills. Overall, I am satisfied with my experience and performance during my internship, and I am ready to apply the lessons I learned towards my future academic and career

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