Interactive Whiteboards, Interactive Games And Programs For Art And Music, By Kathleen Kennedy Manzo

762 Words Oct 27th, 2015 4 Pages
Gone are the days where schools contained a standard blackboard or whiteboard and exercise books for every student. Nowadays, schools have incorporated new technologies such as online library databases, laptops for students, interactive whiteboards and online reports into their education system. This fast-growing development is supplying a larger majority of students with more opportunities to flourish as learning and an individual. Firstly, in light of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, the interactive whiteboards can show YouTube documentary’s, interactive games and programs for art and music, and many different ways to apply a different angle on curriculum. A magazine article by Kathleen Kennedy Manzo in 2010, highlights that art students are able to be shown a Monet painting with high quality detail on the texture and Elements of Art, where as the same interactive whiteboard can show ninth grade biology a simulation on DNA replicating, and also, Home Economics students can learn about universal foods through an interactive map centering on foods around the world. Simultaneously, students with learning difficulties and disabilities are able to actively learn through colorful and interactive learning. These examples are ultimately what Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences are about. By seeking ways to involves a majority of the intelligences, through interactive learning that engages the learning characteristics that a student possesses. If every student has…

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