Informative Pit Bulls Essay

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Some of the laws that were passed for owning a pitbull are in March of 2009 the state of kansas said that all pitbulls must be microchipped within six months of getting a dog and of passing this ordinance. No more than two pitbulls for residential house holds and no breeders license if you own a pitbull. Which also affects the law in kansas that if you own four or more dogs you must obtain a breeds license. In 2012 a ruling involving a mauling of a child in Marylands highest courts held that pitbulls are "inherently dangerous", making owners and landlords renting to owners of a pitbull liable for any injuries during attacks. That means even if a child pokes and throws rocks at the dog then the dog attacks the owner will still be …show more content…
Pitbulls have no physical locking mechanism of the teeth or structure of the jaw. They have a bite,hold and shake behavior which if found in many other breeds. In 1979-88 out of 101 fatal attacks 42 were pitbulls. In 1991 94% of attacks on children by pitbulls were unporvoked while other breeds were 43%. In 1994-2009 228 dog bites were treated in a trauma center and out of that 82 cases the breed was named and 29 were attributed to pitbulls. In 2006 study showed that pitbull owners were more likely to have criminal convictions than other breeds that were considered low risk. This was supported in 2009 and 2012. In June of 2009 my daughter was at a Bbq with my husband. She was there for three hours when he called and said that they were having a great time. He called back ten minutes later in a panic that she had gotten bit. She was hugging the owner of the dogs leg when the dog bit the entire right side of her face. She ws very lucky being so young that she still had growing that now she only has two scars that arent very noticeable. I have now informed you about pitbull laws, their loving nature as well as their dangerous

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