Information and Decision Support for the Strutledge Institute

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Information and Decision Support for the Strutledge Institute

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The Strutledge Institute needs to identify if the idea of adding a MBA program complies with the institute’s objectives and mission. Neither the core competencies of the institute nor the MBA program attributes are well defined at this point. If the MBA program can fulfill the expectations of expanding the student base, creating valuable ties with businesses and secure the survival of the institute, depends on a program that appeals to students as well as fulfills the requirements and needs
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Additionally, further research is required to confirm that enough well qualified instructors from local businesses are available to carry the MBA program. Well-known industry experts and subject matter specialists could increase the appeal of the program to prospect students. If the collected data and research information indicates that an additional MBA program can succeed in the area, a compelling MBA program based on the survey data of students and businesses needs to be developed. This program must contain all the important order qualifiers and present as many order winners a possible, as well as displaying the positive differentiators of the Strutledge Institute compared to competing colleges in this area. Furthermore, calculations of the anticipated operational costs and investments versus the anticipated tuition fees are mandatory to assure profitability and survival of the program and the institute (Russell, 2014). The decision for a new MBA program should be based on the aforementioned surveys, analytics, research and information. A program failure of the MBA program could negatively affect the reputation of the Strutledge institute overall as well as the long-term survival. A successful new MBA program could offer many new opportunities for other

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