Influence Organizational Culture On Leadership Effectiveness Essay

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Influence organizational culture has on leadership effectiveness
Culture influences leadership. Culture and leadership are two sides of the same coin. Our culture shapes the image of the ideal of an organization. The leaders first start the process of culture creation when they create group organization. After culture exists, it determines the criteria for leadership. Cultural groups vary in their conceptions of what is vital for effective leadership (Schein, 2010). Culture influences the personality traits and the work values of leaders and followers in an organization. Leader’s interaction between individuals and their environment shape the personality. Culture determines the actual pattern of leadership behaviors in an organization. Cultural values and norms likely influence the attitudes and behaviors of leaders in ways unconscious to them. Cultural values reflect societal norms in the relationships between individuals. These norms specify acceptable forms of leadership behaviors (Schein, 2010).
In addition, leaders in the early 21st century need to view the world with a local–global perspective and develop products and strategies that work within as well as across borders. Today, the forces of globalization are drawing all cultures into a virtual and time-independent global business zone. Corporate executives need to develop business and leadership characteristics that are effective outside of their own national boundaries. Cultural difference is the significant and…

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