Essay on Industrialization Was A Technological Movement

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Industrialization was and is a technological movement which has been ongoing since the late seventeen hundreds, allowing for todays contented desires. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because of economic prosperity, but it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrialization’s negative effects were long laborious work days, deficiency of family interaction, and perilous working environments.
Initially, Industrialization allowed for a surplus of jobs, but also created long sixteen hour laborious work days. First, we gain further discernment about a mother in the poem My Boy, she acknowledged that “[Before] dawn (her) labor (drove her) forth Tis night when (she was) free.” (Document 2). In observance to lines five and six in this insightful poem, we start to understand that a mother has to work before the sun rises pending till night in order to help provide for her family. Sadly, inhumane work hours were not only restricted to adults, but also adolescents. Furthermore, In reference to the Report of Parliamentary Committee on the Bill to Regulate the Labour of Children in Mills and Factories (1832), Elizabeth Bentley testified that her labour hours at the factory were (…from 5 in the morning till 9 at night…) (Document 7). Again, we realize how a young lady has to work sixteen hours every day in order to provide for her family and self. No one, especially young ladies should work longer than the sun 's…

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