The Industrial Revolution: The Roles Of Women

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During the late 19th to early 20th century, the United States made a transition from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy. The new inventions and methods increased the efficiency of production also created many job opportunities. However, the labor workers were exploited, women were mistreated and industrialization led to overcrowding cities. The growth of the industrial economy had many impacts on society. Although the economy was distinctly benefitted by industrialization, this did not come without a cost.

The labor unions had a great impact on society. Due to industrialization, many businesses were formed, creating job opportunities for many people. Though there were many businesses, only the businessmen benefited from them. The labor unions such as the Knights of Labor and American Federation of Labor fought to protect the common interest of workers. The workers were treated very poorly, periodic unemployment and poor working
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Roles of women prior to the industrial revolution were defined by their household roles. The industrial revolution encouraged women to enter the paid workforce (Teaching History, 2016). Throughout history, women have not been thought of as doing the actual work. They were employed in the lowest paid, least stable, and most unrewarding occupations. Women were forced out of the public work arena by men who believed that their position of power to be threatened (Citeseerx, 2016). Although much of the domestic work performed by women remained the same across the 19th century—cooking, cleaning, caring for children, maintaining family, social relationships, and otherwise managing the household economy—culturally it lost much of its former value. Nowadays women work alongside with men, there are no gender barriers which prevent women from working. Women have come a long way through many years of struggle to work, now men and women are treated equally with no division of

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