Sam Patch The Famous Jumper

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During the early 1800’s the United States was transforming into Alexander Hamilton’s vision of an industrialized America. In the book Sam Patch, The Famous Jumper it shows a good illustration of how America operated during the Early Republic Period from 1800-1837. This shift in America brought uproar among the people and it made America dependent on the working of manufactories. The conditions in factories were intolerable and not safe at all for any workers. The effects of industrialization in America made a great impact on the institutions of freedom and equality; not allowing workers to be reasonable with their employer and causing a hardship on working individuals.
In the 1800’s, America began to be altered by the hands of many individuals
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He was a drunkard, a daring man, and a person that groomed attention from a certain individual or situation to himself. Throughout the book of Sam Patch, Sam uses his stunts and his drunkenness to draw scrutiny to the things that really matter. All of Sam’s performances were a “grand gesture thrown into contemporary conversations about nature and economic development, class and masculinity, and the proper use of waterfalls” (Sam Patch 43). The removal of forest to make room for other business drove the people in America crazy. The talk of removing something that was used or in use for something else was like stripping away a part of a community and implanting something that did not belong. Sam Patch jumped of waterfalls to protest ideas and open the eyes of people to the shift that was going on. The building and removal of children places was the crossing of the line for many people; “Forest Garden was built on land that had once been a public playground” (Sam Patch 48) for children and now it was rooted up and used as an ersatz for something …show more content…
The benefits of the industrialization in America were ideas of having multifarious modes of commuting and being able to have a better and cheaper way of getting around. Negatives of industrialization were more focused on the change in the workplace for many people. The conditions of having children and woman working in factories and not being able to have the freedom they desired and not living life as they pleased, restricted enjoyments of life. Children weren’t allowed to have free time nor were they able to go to school due to being assigned to only working in the factories. These changes allowed America to alter what was need to be changed and accept the things that needed to be accepted. Industrialization – a transformation for

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