Inclusion Of Special Needs Students Essay examples

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Every child has the ability to learn, but the manner in which each child learns differs significantly, especially for special needs students. However, this does not mean that these special needs students should be segregated solely on the basis that they are “different” from the typical child. This is where inclusive education comes in. A popular topic in education for the past few decades, inclusion aims to integrate special needs students into the general education classroom, providing them with the least restrictive environment. In addition, inclusion enables special needs students to reach their fullest potential by ensuring their individual needs are met. Inclusion does not apply only to students with disabilities. It also applies to the gifted and talented students. The idea is to create a richer and more diverse classroom, so children learn from each other, and learn to work with those different from them. Besides enhancing learning for all students, inclusive education has proven to have a positive impact on the social development of special needs students. This is believed to be due to the “increased opportunities for contact with typically achieving children” (Avramidis, 2009). In addition, Jessica Cohen, a Wayne State University Doctor of Philosophy graduate, wrote a dissertation on inclusive education, and she said that students are not given the chance to “socialize or be exposed to high-quality curriculum when separated from their general education…

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