Improving Patient Care Through Leadership And Working As An Integral Part Of The Team

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Ms. Rice takes initiative to improve patient care through leadership and working as an integral part of the team. She is an active member of the Caring Hearts committee on 7B and numerous hospital committees, such as the Skin Facilitator Program, Skin At Risk Committee, and Safe Patient Handling Unit Peer Leader Committee. She serves as a unit liaison between nursing and Extension Healthcare, Safe Patient Handling Coordinator, and the nurse educator as a super user for the Red River Phone System, Safe Patient Handling, restraint policy, and Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol, and she attends all super user training and incorporates updates into individual and unit staff practice. Ms. Rice performs in-services to educate staff on new performance improvement initiatives and has lead and participated in many performance improvement projects. For example, she has developed a huddle sheet that focuses on briefly notifying oncoming staff of all the major safety concerns for the patients on the 7B unit at the beginning of every shift, and this tool is now being utilized at the beginning of every shift. By initiating a team huddle before every shift, this has improved health care delivery through group practice because it has developed a more cohesive staff that accepts the responsibility of all patient outcomes on the 7B unit. And it has aided in the decrease of falls, increased patient satisfaction, and . While developing the Huddle Sheet, she collaborated with…

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