Importance Of Volunteering In The College Of Coastal Georgia

While attending the College of Coastal Georgia I have worked very hard to balance my time between class, school, work and extracurricular activities. My first year at the college I was a Freshman Senator in the student Government Association, a member of the Seaswell’s Literary Magazine, and a member of the Urban Gaming club. I’ve always tried to be involved in volunteer services in the community, so I continued to help out with the Satilla River Clean-up, which I had done throughout high school as well. I also volunteered for, and continue to each year, the Jekyll Island Beach clean-up and the Brantley County Relay for Life. I was a member of the Center of Academic Success, and through the program visited Sapelo Island’s Gullah festival and …show more content…
It gives me great pleasure to assist in making a better Glynn County and a better student environment at CCGA. I love my campus and the professors, students and staff on site that make giving back to the community and campus so rewarding. I only hope that I can help and be even more engaged in my final year at the college. Volunteering is very big in my life and I feel it’s a necessary part of being a good citizen. Through my work and community service, I have gained a lot of experience in completing projects and dealing and communicating effectively with people in multiple situations and I think that experience, through both volunteering and through extra-curricular activities, really affects how we act and present ourselves in other situations in our lives. Without the scholarship I receive from the Foundation, I really don’t think that I would be able to be as involved on campus and in the community as I have been over the past three years. I think I’ve learned a lot from my volunteer and extra-curricular involvements that is only able to be gained through actual hands-on experience and I think that’s due to the freedom from financial instability that the scholarship I receive from the Foundation has given

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