Why Volunteering Is Important Essay

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Marissa Arango
Date: 1/12 /17
Period: 5
Teacher: Mrs. Silva Do you know the benefits of volunteering? Volunteering is like a happy earth. If you volunteer you are making a difference in the world which is the best feeling to feel when you care about someone else and not yourself. Helping people and spending your time to help them will not only help your and the other persons health, but also warming their heart and actually letting them know that some people care about me and not themselves. People wonder why is volunteering important. Volunteering is important because it improve the community, its good for your health, and it brings people together. First of all, volunteering is important because it helps and improve communities. A community
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To finish off, Volunteering helps people and communities to bring people together. Volunteering brings people together because it allows you to make friends. According to the text it says "Volunteering unites people from diverse backgrounds to work a common goal.": : The text is trying to explain that volunteering brings people together and help finish a common goal that they all have and accomplish it. To finish off, Volunteering brings people together because it allows you to make friends.According to the text it states that "94% of people who volunteered say that volunteering improves their mood. " The text is trying to explain that 94% people that volunteer have changed their mood and have a way of purpose in their life." Inconclusion even though volunteering is good for you and your health it actually brings people together and find their purpose of life to help you get along well with others.Volunteerism is valuable because it assists in all asp.cts of a person's health, it enhances and innovates communities, and it unites people from various backgrounds.Volunteering teaches others to help others because you show an

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