Importance Of Two Different Educational System

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Two Different Educational System “GaoKao”, this shortened is too familiar to the high school students in Chinese. It always gave them a lot of feelings until they became old. “Gaokao” stands for National Higher Education Entrance Examinations. It is a stressful exam for the whole Chinese students. I was luck to escape this exam when I decided to study in Macau. But I still ran for the “Zhongkao”, Senior High School Entrance Examination. I am going to talk about my experience under this two different educational system. When I was 13, I went to junior high school in my hometown. It was a key school in our Province so that it had a high educational plan to every student. . We had the same goal when the first day we sat together in class that was the Senior High School Entrance Examination. It was so strange that the exam only concentrated in academic, not even the physical education. I was afraid to school at the first time. We had lots of homework to do every day. Numerous homework always made me so late to bed and the next day I was listless to creep to school. Gradually, I adapted this life style like my classmates I hated Math, but we needed to finish a quiz paper every day after class. We had eight or nine classes every day that always made me out …show more content…
So I show the great attendance in lots of activities. For example, I took part in an activity called" Plan of School Young Journalist 2014" which was held by Macau educational department. As a group leader, I had opportunities to train myself in organization skills and leadership. This activity allowed me to gain knowledge and improve my communication skills. Macau educational department always gave us opportunities to achieve different fields in society. But compared with in Mainland China, the educational department have less activities than that of Macau. It would have, but just for the greatest students tend to be low in the

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