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StrengthsQuest Reflection “A strength is the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity” (Clifton, Anderson, & Schreiner, 2006, p.4). Upon taking the StrengthsQuest survey, as a part of the class requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies 400, I discovered that my strongest theme is learner. Learners, as the name implies, love to learn and obtain new knowledge. For learners, the process of learning is an adventure that brings immense joy and excitement. The discovery that learner is my strongest theme was not a surprise for me, as I use learning every day in my life. This theme can be used in everyday learning, helping other and even in service to God.
This theme is especially important in preventing problems
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While everyone has different learning styles, learners can share their methods of learning with others to help them become better learners as well. For me, I am a visual learner and it helps me to use visual aids to learn new material. Where I work at, the Virginia Employment Commission, I am a Deputy Hearing Officer. Currently, we have 3 individuals who are in training to become Deputy Hearing Officers, this is a rigorous training process that requires the acquisition of copious amounts of information. Deputy Hearing Officers render appealable decisions that either qualify or disqualify individuals for unemployment benefits, based upon the Code of Virginia. In some cases, more than one decision is made against different employers, this can be especially tricky to ensure that all parties are properly notified of the decision for appeal rights. Recently, one of the trainees was working on a case that had three different employers that needed to be notified of the decision; however, only one party is entitled to appeal rights for all three decisions. In order to explain this to the trainee, I drew a venn diagram illustrating how the decisions would be sent. After providing the trainee with this illustration and discussing the proper procedures, she stated she understood and was able to apply this knowledge

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