Importance Of Strategic Hr Planning

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HR Planning

Strategic HR planning is imperative to the success of any business or organization. It is crucial that the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all employees are known and any additional upgrading and education to be updated and kept current in the HR records. The following is a guideline for management and employees to consider for forecasting future manpower requirements to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Forecasting future HR requirements requires all management to work with the HR specialist to develop a plan every year for the following year based on market surveys and forecasts, keep apprised of manpower requirements on upcoming successfully bid projects, and know the manpower requirements of potential
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The occupation of ‘rigger’ is crucial for our business as this position is critical within our organization. ‘Riggers’ are not a trade that has an organized and designated overseeing organization and there is no certification for a ‘rigger’. Due to the physical demands of the job, it is important that we need to find and train riggers.

Our company needs to use flexible work arrangement to help balance supply and demand for all employees but especially for riggers with training for safety and technology. Clients often request pre-access testing regarding drug and alcohol testing.

Our company’s succession plan in case key leaders leave the organization is important. People soft skills training is something we can always be engaged with by observing who the leaders are and developing their skills. Promote internal candidates as well as recruiting externally is important.


There are different levels or recruitment within our organization. For the most part, upper level management and office staff is quite stable and we do not see any changes in the immediate future with these positions. If, however, we were needing to recruit for these positions, there are several different avenues that we can

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