Importance Of Sports In Education

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“Sports is an essential element of education.”-George A. Sheehan Sports have pushed people to do incredible things, whether it was an athletic achievement or an educational one. Education and sports go back a long ways and I believe they have went hand in hand for so long because sports help with academics and vice versa.Sports push people to get better grades to stay eligible, they behave better, and it helps people come together. Sports and Education teach people man things and most of those things go hand in hand, sports teaches life skills and people use those skills in their life, it teaches you to manage time, and helps bring people together and create a better environment in schools.
Sports push people in the classroom because every
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If you move to a place where you don’t know anyone, one of the best ways to meet and make new friends is through sports. Sports can help bring people out of their shell. At every level and sport, the team is like a second family. They are there for you whenever you need it. Games help bring the community together. Parents, family members, and teachers almost always show up for games and interact. College athletics are a little different because you are usually on a much bigger team playing in a bigger sports arena or stadium, but people can still interact at things like banquets or ceremonies. College teams really are like a second family because if you go to a college to play that one specific sport, then you are eating, training, and practicing with the same people pretty much year round. Having good friends can help increase your self-confidence and that in turn can help improve your grades. It gives your mind one less thing to focus about and teammates or friends can usually help with school work("Sport, Education and Child and Youth …show more content…
This significant because almost all of the 400 played a sport at some point and over half said it’s helped in their career. This shows that sports also affect your future as well. Some people think that sports won’t really matter down the road but it can. It definitely plays a part depending on what you choose today. The study also found that compared to people who didn’t play sports, people who played sports are more likely to go to college and then graduate college with a degree and are more likely to get things like an MVP award or team captains if they choose to further their athletic degree("Facts: Sports Activity and

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