Enhance School Branding

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Useful Tools to Enhance School Branding

As stated by Education Week, “Branding, which typically associated with the business world, is exactly what our schools need today!” Branding is not just a corporate term. In fact, schools are some of the most noticeable, memorable brands we see day in and day out.

Seeing kids in their uniform on the street, the logos featured on those uniforms, the banners around school buildings, a car with a school bumper sticker driving around town – all of these are part of your brand, showcasing your school and instantly influencing people 's ' opinions of it.

For this reason, “schools need to embrace the importance of their brand in their marketing effort to remain a viable choice in the future. This is especially
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Well-branded schools take advantage of better fundraising and recruitment, lend pride and accomplishment to alumni, while offering greater identity as well as advanced career opportunities for students. Whether you oversee an elementary school, a high school, a community college or even a university, you can highly benefit from great branding. The following lists ten of the most useful tools for effective school branding. …show more content…
They offer excellent school branding, regardless of use. Just print calendars featuring lovely images from your educational institution, its history, faculty members, famous students or the campus, performance arts and sports. We offer high-quality calendars with optional drill hole.

4. Letterheads

All school communications such as direct-mail letters should be sent on a professionally-designed and printed letterhead showcasing your school’s branding. In other words, the custom printed letterhead should bear your school style, logo and colors. This will make your business communications appear more official and formal as letterheads convey a vital first impression of any business. We offer letterheads in a range of paper types in quantities ranging from 50 - 100,000 prints.

5. Envelopes

If you’re printing branded letterheads, you’ll need custom envelopes to match. Envelopes featuring your school logo are more likely to be opened and their letters read by your target audience. Don’t forget branded return address labels and envelope seals! Available in a range of stocks, our printed envelopes dramatically boost brand exposure, adding a touch of color to stand out in the

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