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This past summer has been one for the records! I have been with friends I have never talked to, and have done things I have never thought about doing. During my junior school year I was chosen to apply for the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) Program. I talked to previous alumni from my high school which have gone and they all shared the same feelings towards the program; they treasured their time at RYLA. I expected to learn in a classroom and take notes about different strategies that would shape me into a better leader; however, this was far from the truth.
While at RYLA, our main instructor, Ted Baumhauer Ed.D., supplied us with an ample amount of challenges. We learned that by giving trust to a group earns more trust and respect in
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We were not chosen to go to a camp and learn about leadership, we were chosen to share our unique skills and characteristics with the group. Everyone at RYLA had previously or is currently holding a leadership position in multiple in-school or out-of-school clubs. The more I talked to the other kids at the camp, the more I learned and could use in the future. I learned as much from each distinct individual experience as I learned from our leadership instructor, Mr. …show more content…
Of course I failed, I kept trying and changes the strokes I was using. As my cousins went to play elsewhere, I stayed in the deep end trying to reach the toy at the bottom of the pool. With each attempt I took my ears popped slightly faster each time. As if out of a story, my cousins came back to tell me we had leave. I couldn 't just leave the toy down there and I had to prove I was a tough kid. On my last attempt, I swam down past the point of ear popping and I touched the bottom. I squirmed around for a few seconds looking for the toy. I grabbed the toy and went up to the surface breathless. That 5 seconds coming up for air felt like 5 minutes of pain! I pulled myself out of the pool and with my head throbbing I went back to my family. I may not have had the chance to brag about my success to everyone but I procured the confidence I needed and I kept the revels all to myself.
I love to push myself and keep improving. Every time I think I have found a major I would be interested in, I learn about it and think how boring my life would be if I were to choose that major. Currently I am interested in business and detest science. My grandparents and friends always remind me that science is the new frontier and if I am good at it I can have a substantial paycheck. Remembering back to elementary school I can do anything that I set my mind

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