Clayton King Reaction Paper

When Clayton King spoke at crossroads summer camp, everyone was silent. You could hear a pin drop. I felt the passion behind his voice when he spoke about Christ, and everyone else did as well. There were a plethora of amens from the congregation, during his sermon. When Mr. King walks in a room you notice there is something different about him. I knew that it was Christ shining through him. He has the ability to speak to others without being fearful. Not only could he speak to the people, but he had the power to influence them. I strive to have that ability. Serving as a junior counselor Mr. King’s guidance helped me to obtain those skills of communication, enthusiastic, and to always remember to never be ashamed of the gospel.
Clayton King really influenced me in the direction I want to go in which was being a youth minister. He had an excitement like no other for Christ. One time I can remember his excitement got the best of him. It was one night during last year crossroads summer camp and I was working as the cameraman. He began to talk about his past and his glory days of playing football. Which also lead to some hard time in his faith. One night before a game he was in the locker room with his teammates. Unfortunately, they were not all playing the same game when it came to waiting for marriage. They made fun of him
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I have learn a lot from King. I enjoyed every single second of camp. The moments of praise and worship, the times I was able to have one on one conversations with King, and the upmost important opportunity I was given was being able to grow closer to Christ. This is the reason that I want to become a youth minister. Just the thought that I could lead students to Christ overwhelms me with joy. I cannot wait to enjoy mission trips, fellowship with other Christians, and create events to share the gospel. I will forever go to bed at night knowing that I am serving the

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