Personal Narrative: My Love For Mathematics

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Ever since I was in the second grade I have had a love for math. I knew then that once I got older I would pursue a career associated with math. At that time, I wanted to be a math teacher because I did not have knowledge of many careers, but I loved math and was around teachers all the time. Math came so easy to me and I could do it so fast, and still can. When I got home from school I would act like a math teacher and teach my sister math, even though she is older than me. I had the same teacher to teach me math in second and fourth grade; I love her so much. It was my math teacher, Mrs. Patrice Worrells who inspired my love of math and determination, and her example and knowledge led me to want to pursue a career as an accountant. Mrs. Worrells made sure I knew all the basics of math because without the basics there is no way to understand the higher levels. She taught me to always be determined, how to get through tests, and how to stay positive. I have …show more content…
I had the privilege to take Math 1 in eighth grade as a credit for high school. In middle school I was always called a nerd because of my love for math, and just being considered smart. But, I think everyone can be smart if they put their mind to it. Mommy Worrells always taught me to never let a person or thing get in my way of anything I wanted to accomplish. Just do it! I would call her every time I got my report card and tell her how my semester went. I always made sure to make her proud! But, in 2011 when I was in the seventh grade, I came home with my progress reports and I was going to call her when I finished my homework. So I was doing my homework and my mother came in my room and said she had some bad news she had to tell me. My mother told me that my Mommy Worrells had passed away the day before. I was so sad and being to cry! Now, as of this day I still work hard to make her proud even though she is not here with me

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