AUM: A Learning Experience

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This semester has honestly been a learning experience for me. I have been through trials and tribulations, but I am very grateful that I did. The greatest lesson that I have learned during my first semester here at AUM is finding the little guy inside of me. When we first arrived in our UNIV 1000 course and Dr. Kerr pulled out the matryoshka doll and talked about finding the little guy inside of us, I believed that that I did not have a little guy inside of me and if I did, I never had to utilize it. Over past few months of my first semester in college, I finally began to understand the purpose of the little guy. The little guy inside of us is that inner voice that pushes us to the very best that we can, even when we feel like we are on the …show more content…
When I was in high school, time management was not nearly important as it is in college. I believe that I became overwhelmed when my work load started to increase and I felt as if every assignment for all of my classes were due at the same time. One thing that really made me want to do better with my time management was when I missed a homework assignment in my Theater Appreciation course. I had a lot of work that week and unfortunately I completely forgot about the assignment. Luckily my professor let me turn it in late anyway. I knew that all of my professors were not going to be as gracious as he was, so I had to take matters into my own hands to ensure that I would not miss anymore assignments for any of my courses. I looked back to the Managing Your Time chapter in my UNIV book and one of the strategies that the book suggested was to use a planner. I was a little familiar with using a planner because I used one my junior year in high school. I decided to use a planner to help me manage my time better and become more organized with my scholastic work. Using a planner was one of the smartest and effective decisions I could ever make. I originally used my phone as a planner, but when I was in a one on one meeting with Ms. Tina, she told me that it is better to use a planner on paper because of the risk that technology is not always dependable. She gave me a huge dry erase board and I put it on my door, so I used that as my planner from that moment on. My planner has been so helpful because now I can put all of my upcoming assignments on my dry erase board. I purposely put it on my door so that I would have to see it every day without looking over

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