Importance Of Multiple Intelligence Online Test

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I received letter from you today and immediately after reading decided to write you back. Your situations and difficulties at the college in Vancouver seem familiar and have a lot of in common with my previous experience. Briefly, I will try to share tips which had been changed my “C” to “A” in short time. One more thing before we will go through the adjusting your learning process, I am highly recommend to go through multiple intelligence online test to find out a little bit more about you as a learner. I will provide you a link by email.
First of all, or first step, would be creating a test assignment sheet with the entire tests you will have during the semester, including importance of the each test and possible weight in percentage. That
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Third step would be using “stoplight technology” keeping in mind previous two sheets. Simply it means to colour material you know (or familiar with), material you somewhat know, and concepts you don’t know accordingly green, yellow and red. This will give you priority with material you should start first. Forth, analyze written information with next questions: what due first, what worth more, and how am I doing in that class? Even though all of this is sounds very complicated, once you have made this system, the time toy will spend for these steps will decreased. Fifth, remember about breaks between studies; short breaks from two to five minutes can return focus, twenty five minutes break between difficult materials is needed for assimilation of the material, and any goal oriented paused as you decided to make when you feel a little tired. Sixth, now when you are know all these is time to create weekly study planner with exact material you are going to follow all semester. That will eliminate procrastination and, obviously, will keep you on track with test preparation. Seventh, do not forget to review material and your notes what you learned in

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