The Importance Of Congruence In College Students

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Major incongruence may occur for several reasons. First, students might choose their major before they have sufficient knowledge and research to back up their pick about available majors. It is also a great idea to search what careers are aligned with which major, and in this case, not many students do the research. Going on from this, students often are required to early to choose their career path. Talk of picking a major can be heard as early as high school level in South Korea or even before junior year in the United States. The research from this study suggests that college might not make confident choices involving their career until they are actually in their college years.
Nearly half of the US undergrads are undecided about their
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There was a study of the amount of motivation and human optimal functioning points that stated the benefits of pursuing a path that is related to the student’s personality, values, and interests were superb. Yet there are hardly any positive research on whether a college student who lack congruence in academic and career goals.
“The present study confirms the theoretical importance of congruence and suggests that experiencing major incongruence is linked to worse career development in both the United States and South Korea”, Shin further states. Major incongruence should definitely receive more attention from the upper authorities such as scholars and practitioner workers that are involved with college students issues.
Some students may be held back from stating their desired major because of the failure to meet requirements pertaining to that major, or simply because of intimidation of the course requirements. For example, based on Scheele’s studies, psychology majors feel afraid of what is required for physiology or biology classes, and engineering or premed/preveterinarian majors can even be held back by the required math and advanced biology classes
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The percentage of the students in the study has an apparent relationship with positive career development which is similar in both countries. This finding means that major incongruence is a noticeable event across these two cultures, regardless of the cultural difference. Career choices (Shin). “Students seem to suffer from feeling controlled and pressured in their academic- and career-related behaviors,” the study further states. Especially the correlation with their affective major commitment with academic

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