My Field Experience At Magnolia Elementary School

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Field Experience Journal 3 TAPR I decided for my first observation assignments and journals that I would attend Magnolia Elementary. After all, Magnolia is where I transferred at the beginning of the second grade and stayed for the next four years even though I was terrified of a new school. Reading the TAPR report gave me great insights to my old school. Magnolia Elementary School has a ninety-five point seven percent attendance rate and the students’ performance “met standard” with an academic achievement in the Reading / English Language Arts department. The student population is just short of eight hundred students at seven hundred and eighty-two with a mobility rate of twenty point five percent. The school is approximately made up of four hundred and sixty-one students who are white and two hundred and seventy-two Hispanic students. There are fourteen students who identify as two or more races and only four students each who are Asian or American Indian. Each teacher has a class size of around eighteen to twenty-five students even though the student to teacher ratio is sixteen students. The Home and School Connection is a yearly newsletter that goes out in September to help the students and parents get ready for the new …show more content…
There was some information on the Watch Dogs and mainly focused on the students attendance. They listed the winners of the Rodeo Art but no other club that are offered at the school. It is gender neutral but the Monthly Newsletter does not seem to be offered in Spanish on the Magnolia ISD website. There is not much discussion on activities even though the students would more than likely read it if they included something a little more exciting for them. There are many club activities like chess, science, choir, safety patrol and even a scrabble club that can be mentioned in a monthly

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