Importance Of Favourite Day Of The Week

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Gloomy Mondays, thrilling Fridays, and repeat. Discovering a person’s favourite day of the week will be beneficial to the functionality of the work force. Identifying the differences between age groups, comparing and contrasting survey results to those of a study, and analyzing the history of the concept of a week can achieve this improved functionality. It is important to know that people of different ages will have different favourite days. From elementary school, throughout to high school students have made clear opinions and rationalizations for each day of the week. For instance, Friday being the favourite because it means the next two days are school free along with the ability to have free choice in daily endeavors and Monday being the least favourite because it means a full five day week of learning is commencing. Although, thoughts about favourite days of the week are subjected to change due to many external facts such as having a preference for Thursday’s because …show more content…
Once entering a form of higher education one’s specific opinions are likely to change. This is because they are no longer obligated to conform to the societal rules of elementary and high school. Institutions of higher education are lenient in regards to what day’s classes are on. This altered system provides students an opportunity to fluctuate between favourite days of the week. For instance, in high school students are expected to attend classes from Monday to Friday in a normal week. However, in post secondary school a student may have classes on the weekend and have Monday and Wednesday free of classes. Once entering the workforce people are expected to accumulate more responsibilities. This effects ones favourite day of the week because work can interfere at any given time during

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