The Pros And Cons Of Year Round Education Essays

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In Kimberly Kalil’s article, the pros and cons of year-round education are discussed in detail, incorporating ethos to further the rhetoric of the argument to make it more effective. In the section of the article based on the benefits of year-round education, the rhetoric is particularly well-suited for those who do not know much about the advantages of year-round education and allows for a strong argument from a reliable source to be conveyed, this source being Dr. Matthew Lynch. The use of the ethos, that is the use of information from a doctor within this field, is particularly effective to show why the year-round calendar has its advantages including “preventing summer learning loss” and kids “don 't have enough to do in the summer”. The use of this simple, but successful, diction allows for parents to further understand their options in making choices for their children and their family as a whole (Kalil). Within the con section of the article, the rhetoric is effective, but more so based on pathos and a connection that the parents feel to the author of the article, instead of information based on studies conducted. The author realizes that time with family is important, especially in the “emotional and developmental” aspects of a child 's life and that a year-round school system can have “detriment to family structure” (Kalil). In terms of the sides discussed within this article, the rhetoric of the benefits is much stronger and reliable than that of the drawbacks.…

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