Importance Of Education

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I am currently begun a gap year after my graduation from UCLA this past June. I chose to wait till near the end of my senior year to begin applying to further prepare myself for the arduous journey towards a medical degree. Aside from this, my education has been continuous since graduation from high school. I spent my senior year refining my work habits and study skills, leading to a dramatic improvement in my grades from the past 3 years. In addition, I have spent my time volunteering at Dr. Amy Waterman’s research lab, which has recently transitioned into a part-time job, providing me with valuable research and work experience. Furthermore, shadowing physicians and volunteering at Kids Come First Community Health Center have provided clinical …show more content…
Volleyball is not only a sport that I enjoy, but it also has taught me lessons and created irreplaceable memories. It has taught me valuable lessons I can apply to other aspects of my life such as teamwork, leadership, and perseverance.

One of my favorite memories that exhibit what I have learned from the sport occurred in my junior year of high school. Our volleyball season had barely begun, but many students and players had already lost hope. The previous year, our team ended up last place in our league with just one win. However, I refused to accept the possibility of repeating such a disappointing performance and was motivated to make this a memorable year.

Our coach became busy with a new job and canceled most of our practices. I began going to the local open gym everyday in place of practice. Sharing my belief to my teammates that we could succeed, I recruited the whole team and led practices with another teammate. Observing the positive impact I had made, my teammates voted me
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has motivated me to be more of a leader. My previous volunteer experiences have been through already established organizations. However, Heal L.A. gave me the opportunity to develop my own organization that addresses an issue that I feel afflicts my community. As a founder, I helped to direct the vision of the club and made key decisions for the betterment of the organization. In addition, I contributed to the registration of the club, wrote grants, and recruited new members for the cause. Despite many of the original members graduating, I am happy to say that the club is still

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