Importance Of Education In High School

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As a student the goal is to create, learn, and accomplish dreams within the years of schooling and apply them to the future. In my high school career I had not learned as much as I have in the past two quarters at Bellevue College. I have never been one who gets the best grades, because of certain learning disabilities that I have. However that has not dulled my hunger to learn and evolve as a student. The letter grade that I believe I should get in this class is an A, because of the growth and progress that I have made. Having moved to three different schools in the past three years has led me to learn how to adapt to my surroundings quickly. Now that I’m in the running start program I have learned, it is no different. There is always a new writing skill that can be learned. All throughout high school, I was told, “college will be much harder.” In some ways this is true and false in others, but while writing my first paper I was presented with one of the ways that it is difficult. Because of being taught one way and then told to write in a completely …show more content…
However, now that this class has come to an end, I have learned so much more than when I entered the class, which is what I love. When first choosing this class I had only some knowledge of the topic of LGBTQ. Now having taken this class I have traveled along through stories, and peoples personal experiences, giving me the chance to appreciate the highs and lows of being part of the community. The added advantage of having people come in to talk to the class gave me the ability to gain better understandings of how people came out to their parents and friends. I think that classes such as these should be offered in not only colleges, but in high schools as well. This is because they can educate everyone, and it allows people to take pause and question social

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