Importance Of Couch Potato Santa

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Couch Potato Santa, the first play hosted at my new school, and I got the role of playing Blitzen. I raced home so eager to tell my mom that I secured the role. I couldn’t wait for the next three months to pass so I could preform this play flawlessly for her; therefore, day in and day out I practiced my lines since it was not often that my mom could come to see my school functions. Now it is the day of the performance and looking out into the crowd, I see no one, but as they say… the show must go on. From that day on I developed the self-motivation, confidence, and commitment aspects of who I am today.

After the show everyone asked why my mom was not there, and I knew why, of course she had to be working. Incessantly working was her life.
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But was I really an overachiever? In third grade I was assigned to be in the gifted program, because of innate ability not due to a choice of rising above standards. The choice I made was not to hide my abilities, and to merely embrace them. Being a female of color never quite struck me as anything out of the ordinary until fifth grade. Walking into class and being the only black female in the room opened my eyes. It was not the fact that there were not many black females in the class, but females’ period. Especially when I went to my math class, and that was a fact, fewer girls are involved in STEM related fields. My passion for science grew at such a young age, maybe it was due to the fact that my mom was a nurse or that I was good at it. Nonetheless something about the subject sparked me, and even with the backhanded compliments I received saying,“You’re really good at math for a girl” I still pursued my interest. In addition to that my love for the Spanish culture and language grew upon entering middle school. It was amazing that my peers would find anything to tease about, because to them appreciating another culture means you want to change who you are. They assumed I was ashamed of being who I was, and my skin color. Yet I wasn’t and never will be. As a result of all the moments of self-criticism, I developed the

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