Community And Public Health Nursing Outcome Analysis

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Community and Public Health Nursing Outcomes Paper
Community Health Nursing is a specialty of nursing that involves the combination of public, population focused practice with nursing sciences. Community Health focuses on identifying the needs of a community, and improving the collective health within a geographic area, (Allender, Rector & Warner 2014). The community health nurse promotes health, sanitation, control of disease, education, and organization. The community health nurse focuses on wellness of his or her community. Wellness encompasses not only the definition of health, but the capacity to develop a person’s potential for the most fulfilling and productive life they can, (Allender, Rector & Warner 2014). The community health nurse
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We learned why, and how these risk factors affect the cost of healthcare. The discussion board encouraged us to think about what we could do as a public health nurse to address the risk factors. The text chapter on Global Health and International Community Health Nursing offered extensive information on how the community health nurse can work to impact global health. This chapter emphasized the way that community health nurses provide primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention and of care …show more content…
This assignment provided insight into how other cultures are sometimes treated in our health care system. We then discussed ways we can overcome those disparities. We developed a new acumen by reading other student’s posts on this topic and how they would work to resolve it. Chapter five in the text covered Transcultural Nursing in the Community and gave us additional information on this topic.
Analyze how health care delivery is affected by national goals and guidelines and deliver appropriate interventions and strategies. We met this outcome through our work on the Windshield survey and the Health Disparity discussion board. These assignments required us to link our research to the Healthy People 2020 objectives. Becoming aware of these objectives and how they affect our nation’s healthcare goals allowed us to bring our focus in on what is important for the community health. We learned how to develop appropriate interventions and strategies through the Windshield survey and Health Disparities paper. Our textbook provided good examples of how to formulate interventions and strategies as well.

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