Importance Of Classroom Observation

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Register to read the introduction… In this five week course only one unavoidable absence will be permitted, and you must notify one of the instructors in advance. Should an absence occur the student is responsible for any assignment(s) due in that workshop.

Points for classroom participation are dependent on your presence in the classroom for the entire workshop! If you are absent for any reason participation points for that workshop will be deducted from your grade. Arriving more than 15 minutes late for class or leaving class early will also result in point deductions; each occurrence will be evaluated individually. If you must be unavoidably absent for the learning team presentation it must reflect your involvement (by audio or video tape) in order for you to share in the grade for that assignment.

Learning teams play an important part in achieving the educational outcomes in the degree programs at University of Phoenix. Teams will be formed in the first workshop of the course, and students are expected to commit to five hours of learning team activities each week in addition to attendance at the workshops. Through the process of completing team charters and meeting logs, and participating in classroom discussions, students will have the opportunity to reflect on the learning that has takes place as part of the team’s work
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You must always submit work that represents your original words or ideas. If any words or ideas used in a class posting or assignment submission do not represent your original words or ideas, you must cite all relevant sources and make clear the extent to which such sources were used. Words or ideas that require citation include, but are not limited to, all hard copy or electronic publications, whether copyrighted or not, and all verbal or visual communication when the content of such communication clearly originates from an identifiable source. Please see the UOP Catalog for more information about academic honesty, including consequences of academic dishonesty. Privacy and Confidentiality in the Online

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