Personal Narrative: Challenges In A Person's Life

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Challenges play an important role in people 's life. At the time it may seem bad, but there is a positive side to it. Everyone has challenges in their life, within those challenges there is a lesson to learn. The main challenge that I had to go through had affected me both physically and mentally. Domestic violence is not an easy thing to go through, yet again the worse part is to go back and talk about it.
My family consists of six people: my father, mother, older sister, little sister and little brother. Many people may think that my family is very united with almost no problems. When people see my family it may seem like everything is okay and that there is no problems. But for many years we went through domestic violence. I would always see it weekly for many years. It was all because of alcohol. Although he does not think he drinks too much, he does. He would drink three to four times a week. And
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Even though it has been many years, it is the thing I mostly remember as my childhood years.It came to the point where I wanted to commit suicide at a young age. I was about nine year old and I would continually say I wanted to kill myself. I remember one time when my father wanted to hit my mom and I was around I spoke up and told him that if he hit my mom I was going to go to the kitchen and kill myself, That is when my mom realize that things needed to change. She did her best to try and get me some help, the problem with that was money. My mother would really keep an eye on me and see me almost all day just to make sure I would not do anything dumb. I soon realize that what i wanted to do was not going to help at all. One day I had a talk with my father about everything that was going on and he realized he needed to make a change and quick, he was losing all of us really quick. My father would only commit those acts when he was drunk. When he was sober it was like nothing bad ever

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