Personal Narrative: Growing Up My Mother

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Growing up my mother and I had a very difficult relationship, it was a very difficult time in my life. We went through a lot of fights, name calling, hurtful words, wishing each other ill and pain.
Growing up my mother used to verbally abuse me by calling me all kinds of names, criticized the way I looked and parts of my body. I was either too fat or too skinny but I was never good enough for her. She was very hurtful with words. Things didn’t get any better as I got older. The way she used to verbally abuse me scared me for life. It affected my self-esteem, my relationship with others, including other family members and friends so I developed trusting issues. She always taught me how not to trust anyone, to never let any friends in, not to
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I used to scream for help, for anyone to take me out. But she would leave me there for a few minutes until “I learned my lesson” to me that was very cruel.
I develop a claustrophobic disorder, where until this day I can’t get into an elevator by myself, or be in any tiny close space. I can’t even do a close MRI machine, I am afraid of flying, or go into an airplane bathroom because is too small. I developed a lot fear and self-esteem issues. Having Fear can be very embarrassing, for example, going into a doctor office or any building for the matter and not able to take the elevator by myself, I will wait around in front of the elevator until someone walks in and get in it too. I have spent minutes to half hour just staring at the elevator wondering what to do, thinking could this be the day that I get over my fear or with “my bad luck” as I always used to refer to it. I was terrified that once I was alone in the elevator I’ll get stuck inside and suffocate to death. If I walked into a building and had to take the elevator it would freak me out and put me in panic mode, always thinking the worse

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