Importance Of Being A Good Leader In Sports

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To be a great leader in sports you need to be a good communicator such as Alex Ferguson. He has great communication with the performers when they’re not doing something right, so they can improve to be a good team. He uses communication to tell the players which positions they should be at. He is also a great leader because he has a good organisation of equipment and knowledge of the game so he can teach them good training and use his own experience to coach the players.
To be a good leader in sport such as Jose Mourinho you need to have good activity structure because you need to know how the session is set out so it needs to be understandable for the players or they won’t know what to do. They also need to target setting because they need
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Most of the people think that task oriented leaders are more successful when a situation is either very positive or very negative. A good example for this is when the team are winning easily or when the team are losing badly and demotivation may become a factor. An oriented leader is likely to more successful in moderate situations. He is a democratic because he is a oriented person and takes into account team feelings and ideas, and he shows he cares about the others. Alex Ferguson is really motivated he is an extrinsic motivated person because he is engaged in all the activities because of the valued outcome rather than the interest in the activity in itself. He also has a really good sense of humour and this is really important for a sports coach because it shows how individuals can balance achieving goals, be motivated toward success, and incorporating humour as a way to keep the work environment positive and fun. It is really important for a sports leader to have a good personality such as Jose Mourinho because it can affect the type of sports you like and excel in. He is an extrovert coach because when he talks to the players he talks really loud and shows a bit of aggression in a way that it really determines …show more content…
He always encourages and promotes within every session: a friendship, he makes the players respect each other, he reminds the players that they should fair play and he tries to remind the players before the game starts that they are playing as a team. He also has the responsibility to teach the Rules and Regulations to the players about football. Players should know the consequences if they break the rules, for example; knowing that a handball is illegal in football and will result in a free kick or penalty. Players also need to always respect their opponents and the

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