FIFA: Changing The World

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Governing bodies of sports play a fundamental role in our society, therefore good governance principles is necessary to uphold an organization’s missions. Elements of good governance include direction, power, regulation, and control. These are all things that FIFA seemed to have in place, yet here we are with a great deal of corruption and football fans calling for reform. As the co-President of FIFA, I will help restructure an organization that will be free from corruption and that will restore the global soccer community’s faith in FIFA.
The vision statement I would put in place as co-President is: “Changing the game. Changing the world.” While this vision statement is similar to the current statement “For the game. For the world.”, it carries
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The purpose of control is to ensure that any activities undertaken are strictly aligned with the overall objectives and best interests of the organizations. I have come up with four core values to maintain this control. The core values are leadership, change, responsibility, and resiliency. Each of these values were not entirely present in the previous FIFA organization, so these are meant to aid in carrying out the vision and the mission. Each of these will be outlined individually and I will describe how FIFA will behave in the process of achieving and executing the …show more content…
I believe that leadership has its own set of “sub-core values” that make it important. Humility is a big part of leadership, as all FIFA officials should accept that no organization is perfect. Errors do occur and need to be recognized. Tone is also crucial to harmony in an organization. FIFA, its Confederations, and the member associations have to set the tone in order to encourage a positive culture within each of their respective organizations. Lastly, FIFA and all those involved in football should strive to show respect for each other and other regions. Change is the second core value, and it carries a great deal of importance. It was chosen as a core value because I believe that the global football community needs to see change, and by making it a pillar of our vision and mission, we would be showing them that change is coming. A few of the changes that should take place under this reformation are the addition of former FIFA players, term limits for executives, a clear separation of powers, and greater financial transparency. Responsibility will be the third core value, and it is intended to highlight the responsibility of authenticity, performance, and integrity that FIFA has to the confederations, the member associations, the fans, and to the world. We have a responsibility to understand that all of our actions have a consequence for someone else and we have a responsibility to make our

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