How Soccer Changed The World Essay

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There have many people that change the world like Martin Luther King Jr. He ended slavery or Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb. In soccer it is different because to change the world of soccer it is different. You have to work together and that is what Brazil did during it glorious days with Pele. Brazil has revolutionized the world of soccer with o jogo bonito which means the beautiful game in english. The beautiful game consists of many things but the most important thing is to play well and win. O jogo bonito has to be a game where you maintain possession of the ball you don 't just kick and run you need to you need patience and give accurate short passes and lastly wait for the magic to
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Part of Brazil 's success is thanks to a 17 year old boy named Pele. Pele led this team to conquer the precious trophy he ended up scoring two goals in the final. Brazil is the most dominant team in the national stage, winning five World Cup trophies three of them are in Pele 's curriculum. I Was not lucky to watch Pele play but the people who did said it was magical to watch him play. Brazil did well in group stage winning two and tied one game. This style doesn 't necessarily mean that you are going to stomp on your opponent it only gives you the control of the game. After winning the 1958 World Cup in which Pele scored six goals. Brazil is the only team to have won back to back world cups they won it again in Chile 1962. The successful Brazilian team was built around the phenomenon Pele his teammates had to play for him. The Brazilians also also refer the beautiful game as freestyle they are definitely the best freestyling …show more content…
There 's not a lot of players that can turn an ordinary team to an extraordinary squad. Leo Messi, Iniesta, agüero, Di Maria, and Ronaldo are the few players that can change the course of a game in a matter of minutes. The best players today are without a doubt Messi and Ronaldo. These outstanding players have a friendly rivalry they compete on who can win the most collective and individual trophies. The two athletes have been the best players since 2008. Messi is winning the race on who is the best player in the world. Messi and Ronaldo are players with instinct of goal but Messi is also a very collective player he plays for the team he gives assist and creates very dangerous chances. Ronaldo on the other hand is very selfish he always wants to be the focal point he wants to score all the goals. He doesn 't pass as much all he wants to do is shoot the ball and hope he can score. All together the two soccer players have won seven Balloon D 'Or. The award is given to the best player in the world. Messi has won it four times while Ronaldo had win it three times. Leo has broken many records like scoring most goals in a calendar year with 91 goals leaving Pele behind. Ronaldo has scored 411 goals in 624 appearances Messi has a higher goal average scoring 396 in 504 games. Messi still has lots of soccer skills to show he is only 27 Ronaldo is 30 but can still maintain a high level of

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