Importance Of Award In Education And Training

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Register to read the introduction… A teacher must provide a safe and supportive learning environment from the onset of learning at induction stage - which will cover ground rules and appropriate health and safe practices the learner must abide by. It is also normal practice to repeat prior starting of a task that has the potential to cause such as use of knives in a catering environment. Such instruction makes the learner aware and promotes safe practice. The teacher also has to ensure the physical learning environment is set up to be appropriately supportive and safe for learning to take …show more content…
This can start from signposting (referring the learner to other specialists or experts) from the point of identifying needs within the learning cycle. Professional may already exist internally such as Functional Needs staff or externally such as Social services. Liaising with other professionals is essential not only for the development of the teacher but also to enable the learner to experience inclusiveness, entitlement and equality within the learning …show more content…
A teacher may have to approach their line manager or a nominated colleague, share information at meetings or simply refer the learner to support departments within the organisation which will then work with other professionals, agencies and organisations to satisfy the needs of the learner
Following research we have carried out regarding the different Theories of learning. I feel the one I associate with is the Humanist Theory. The theory identifies the key differences between humans and animals and shows we are conscious beings, capable of thought, reason and language. We have basic needs that once furnished allow us to grow psychologically and that leads to fulfilment and satisfaction in life.
The theory in practice advocates a person-centred teaching approach because it embraces the human qualities required that makes the learning experience worthwhile both the learner and the teacher


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