Engineering Research Internship Position

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List other skills, training, and experience you have that will be useful in an engineering research internship position.

Although my research career has just begun, I have accumulated a strong background in a several research fields and more importantly have developed a strong research foundation that will help to ensure my future endeavors as an intern as well as a researcher. In my past two semesters I have gained valuable research experience by participating in the Honors Program at the College of San Mateo. Comprised of a unique interdisciplinary community, CSM’s Honors Program strives to cultivate students ' ability to collaborate with one another, support their individual achievements, and provide them with the means to make intellectual
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I believe that one of the most effectives ways for me to become such an engineer is to gain as much hands on research experience as I possibly can. The ASPIRES internship program is a perfect program for me to be able to do exactly that and much more. Participating in the program and working on a research project will allow me to explore subjects of electrical engineering that I would have never been able to explore on my own. Additional, through the program I will also be able to sharpen my fundamentals and solidifying my foundation in electrical engineering. I strongly think that experience is necessary to understand how organizations run, and the more experience a student has, the better prepared he or she will be in the future. Being a part of the ASPIRES internship program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. This experience will not only allow me to further strengthen my research skills but will also allow me to learn how to work well in a research team oriented environment. In the near future, after completing my bachelor’s degree, I want to obtain a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, which means that I will have conduct research and develop a thesis. By participating in the ASPIRES program I will be able to know what it is like to conduct research and be a ‘graduate student’. The program will help me decide whether spending six years of my life conducting research is the right career path for me. I believe that education is the key to all aspects of life, and no matter what the future has in store; I will never lose what I have learned. This is the reason why I want to participate in the ASPIRES summer internship program and learn all that I possibly can. I am hopeful that I will be chosen into the program so that I can take my education to the next

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