Internships After Freshman Year

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It 's no secret that internships are often the key to securing a job offer before graduation, but they aren 't so easy to get as a first year student.
Freshmen are the rookies on campus, who don 't have any experience or knowledge that can be applied to the real world.
However, that doesn 't mean that freshman shouldn 't look and apply for internships.
In this article, I am going to show you the steps I took to get my internship after freshman year and what you can do to get yours.
First, get involved on campus. Extracurriculars are the best way to fill up space on your resume. They show that you do more than study and that you can balance studying with other activities. Employers like to see that you 're involved because it shows responsibility.
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It is something that you do all the time, but you didn 't know there was a word for it. Networking is a way of interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one 's career. Now, here 's how college students can network: talk to upperclassmen and alumni, to begin with. Many upperclassmen have already completed an internship or working to get one. They used to be freshman and they know what you 're going through. They can give you tips that you can 't get from your advisor. Next is connecting with alumni. Alumni are always willing to help out students from their alma mater, especially young freshman. Alumni have graduated and reached the goal of getting a job. They know what it takes to get into the work force and the things in college that are very …show more content…
You can go through all the steps above, but if you don 't actually meet with employers and give them your resume, they won 't even know who you are. At the career fair, you will approach different employers and companies to tell them about yourself. Many call this a 30 second commercial, stating who you are and aspects about you that are attractive to employers. Then you can ask about the company and if they have any internship opportunities in your field of study. Next, you would then ask more questions; try and keep the conversation going. This will allow them to remember you. Then lastly, you need to ask if you can have their business card or a way to follow up with them.

If you school doesn 't have its own career fair, then try to find one nearby. Also, you could reach out to employers individually and learn about opportunities at their company.

Here are some other small tips that can help:
• Get a business card (with your picture on it) and attach it to your resume. This will help employers to remember who you are when they’re going through resumes. Also, most freshman, and college students in general, don 't have a business card, so this will definitely help you stand

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