The Importance Of National Honors Society

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To get inducted into National Honors Society, an individual must possess and demonstrate the four following qualities which are: scholarship, leadership, service and character. Being a part of National Honors Society is more than just something students can put on a college application form. It’s a responsibility we as potential candidates are supposed to fulfill, as we are expected to continue possessing the four important qualities for the rest of our high school careers. In this paper, I will strive to prove that I am willing to take up that responsibility and to show that I possess all of the requirements needed to be a member of such a prestigious organization.
One of the aspects of being an honoree of NHS is having scholarship. To many people, we have different reasons in starting to want to maintain high grades. For me, a specific event that I still think of daily for motivation, ignited my passion into getting the best grades
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My strong passion in achieving the highest honor a high school student can get, strongly demonstrates my quality of scholarship and desire to continue it. The values I hold so highly in terms of leadership also represents that I qualify for that characteristic. Being so adamant in wanting to spend more time contributing to my community clearly shows that I possess the quality of service. Lastly, describing the depth of what I value in the definition of an ethical person will hopefully also make you convinced that I hold the important quality of character. It would be a grand feeling to find out that I get accepted. Your decision will never be regretted as I will continue to making sure this organization stays in high regard in our school. I feel confident that I hold all attributes needed for an NHS member, but where I stand on that is now all up to you. Thank you for taking your time to read my personal

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