Personal Statement: New Life

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Ahmed Elshafiey
ENGL 120
New Life It all started in 1994 in Arizona, Tempe when my dad was getting his PhD at Arizona State University. There are five people in my family: my dad, mom, two older brothers and myself. Right after my dad got his PhD we traveled back to Egypt. Egypt is a great country to live in. However, education quality isn’t good. Of course the more you pay the better the education you get, but for a middle class family it wasn’t really possible to spend more than half of their earnings in education. May 2012 I got my high school degree, and now it’s time for the next stage; college. I wanted to continue my education in USA to have a better future. I have the US citizenship, since I was born there. However, I’m the only family
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I’m going to miss all of my friends that I have known since I was few years old. I’m going to miss my family, and the place I grew up in. English is my second language; how am I going to deal with people. Is it worth the risk?
My answer was yes, it’s worth the risk. This is going to affect my entire future. I wanted to live a better life. Oh I forgot to mention, my dad was working in Saudi Arabia as a professor. So I contacted him, and told him about the idea I had. He supported me and warned me that it’s going to be hard. My mother had a long argument with my dad about it. However, next thing I know my dad bought me a ticket to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
At first I thought it was a city in Mexico, but later on I found out that it’s a state in USA. The reason why my dad choose New Mexico is the prices of food, rent, and education. I have spent a lot of time with my friends and family, but now it’s August 2012...time to travel. I remember being in a complete shock and regretting taking this decision. However, this is the point of no return. The flight ticket cost a lot of money and its non-refundable. My entire family are sad, and my friends are waiting under my house to say the last
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I applied to be the CEO of the project, and I was selected. My role was to lead a team of 10 students to develop videos to promote community centers. This is my first time working, and make money on my own. It felt great, I’m growing up and taking care of myself on my own. Soon it was time to go to college, because of my score in the SAT exam I was placed in introductory courses which will cause me to be a semester behind.
In the first day of college I had the same feeling when I was in the airport traveling to USA. I’m usually nervous about any new transition in my life. Also my dad was hired to teach courses at UNM, so both of us were on the same department. I worked really hard in all of my courses, so I ended up with a 4.07 GPA in the first year. I also started talking to the research professors at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to do research with them. After couple of weeks of looking, I got an interview with one of the professors and I started working with him.
At first my main job was to clean the lab and help setting up experiments but soon enough I started doing actual research and working on my own projects. I also made sure to take summer courses since I was a semester behind than other students who started at the same time as

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