The Importance Of Qualities In The Nursing Field

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There are many different qualities that I possess. The ones that I think will benefit me in the nursing field are that I am a team player and I have a great sense of humor. Growing up in a household with 3 sisters, it was very hectic. Having siblings (as hard as it was) there is no room to be selfish. You learn how to be patient, kind, and generous. There is not one thing that my sisters can ask me that I would not help them with. I am a better person today because of them. I learned that no matter how people treat you, you have to treat them the way you want to be treated. My mom would always tell us that one day my father and she are not going to be around anymore, and all we will have is each other. Little did I know my mom was preparing …show more content…
In my house my sisters and I would always tell jokes, and laugh at each other. Being funny is something the Okorie girls were known for. My dad however lacked a funny bone. He would always tell us, “Be seen and not heard”, something I could never fully grasp. The way I saw it, I had to be seen AND heard. First impressions are always the most important. When meeting people for the first time, if the setting was appropriate I would say something in a humorous way. I feel like not only will it lighten the mood but it allows people to see that I am easygoing, fun, and friendly.
Both of these qualities are just a few things that make me who I am, and I truly believe these qualities will benefit me when it comes to working in the nursing profession. Like I said before, having siblings, you are forced to become a team player. Being a nurse I know that it is necessary to work with other people. I also know that working together can be one of the most challenging things that a nurse can endure, but I like challenges. I like meeting new people and working with them. The only way you can continue to grow as a nurse is to share what you know, as well as listen to what other people have to
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I have been surrounded with children since I was once one, and they bring a sense of joy into my life. Kids are careless, free individuals who make you think about the future. Each semester in school, we are taught a different subject with a corresponding clinical experience. As each semester went by I found myself interested in different fields but there was nothing that made me realize that this is what I was made to do; until my senior year. Having a maternity and pediatric course opened my eyes making me realize that I want to work with kids. We learned that humor is a form of therapeutic communication something I think I will excel at. Dealing with a child who is very sick can be challenging, and if I can put a smile on a child face, that will be truly amazing. Also, for the fact that nursing can be very stressful, putting a smile on a coworkers face can change their mood and make their

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