Media Violence And Its Effects On Children

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Introduction Numerous studies have been done regarding media violence causing people to be aggressive. Music, video games, television shows, and magazines can all motivate people to be aggressive. People do not realize these things can cause their behavior to change, but many psychologists believe it can. Many psychologists suggest the impact of media violence effects children more than adults.
Review of Literature
469. Psychologist have performed experiments about people watching, reading, or listening to violent content to see if it affects their behavior. According to L. Rowell Huesman, research has stated over the past 50 years’ people exposed to violence on television, movies, song lyrics, and in video games has increased the risk of
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Christopher J. Ferguson constructed an experiement that reflects from a previous study of a sample of 302 (52.3% female) mostly Hispanic youth. (2011) The children were asked to list their favorite television shows and video games and estimate how often they play or view each one. Many past experiments asked the participants to rate the levels of violence they thought were in the media they watched, although this runs the risk of variable estimates between respondents. In the current study, Ferguson approached it different, using existing Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) video game ratings a way to determine the violence in the video game. Ten games were selected for two independent RA’s to play for around 45 minutes. The RAs were informed about a standardized 5-point violence assessment ranking system and asked to code each game on this system after playing. (Ferguson, 2011) The RA’s have not previously ever played any of these games. The RAs’ rankings, which focused …show more content…
(Ferguson, 2011) Events that happen in the children lives played as a factor to how the kids react or violence, such as if the child has family issues, bad neighborhood setting, or personality disorders. The families and children were asked to take questioners regarding family violence, depressive symptoms, aggression, and delinquent behavior. After sorting the results of the questioners, Ferguson was finally ready to construct results of the experiment. (2011) It appeared 75% of children reported playing some video games on the computer or some type of device in the last month. (Ferguson, 2011) 40.4% of children reported playing games with violent content. (Ferguson, 2011) Using the ESRB ratings, 20.9% reported playing an M-rated game in the last month. (Ferguson, 2011) Consistent with the past research boys were more likely to play violent video games and watch violent television than girls. (Ferguson, 2011) As for criminal activity, 22 children (7.3%) reported engaging in at least one criminally violent act over the previous 12 months. (Ferguson, 2011) Most common violent crimes were physical assaults on other students and strong-arm robbery.

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