Implementation Effectiveness And Implementation Effectiveness

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Introduction The ability of innovation to influence strategy is critical. This concept of innovation goes far beyond the generation of new ideas—it encompasses the process of implementing these ideas and a shift in culture for any organization towards sustainable creativity, and adoption of new ideas. Nevertheless, the management of innovation implementation must be distinct from the overall strategy of the company. Innovation is mostly necessitated at specific tipping points such as loss of revenue or a new product in the market however for a sustained innovative environment the organization must build capacity from the ground up. This entails streamlining all functional areas of an organization and change acceptance through the continuous …show more content…
The model is an improvement from the earlier case study approaches and reinforces the latent theoretical implications from the previous literature case studies (Weiner, Helfrich, Savitz, & Swiger, 2007b). The model differentiates between implementation effectiveness and innovation effectiveness. For implementation effectiveness researchers are encouraged to focus on the behavioural phenomenon—how the innovation is applied in the firm—whereas the innovation effectiveness insists on reviewing the advantages derived from the successful implementation of new or improved ideas. Klein (2001) insisted on this distinction since it enabled effective research and development of implementation theories. That is to say, organizations that effectively implement innovation do not necessarily derive the benefits associated with innovation

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