Essay on Impact Of Social Networking On Human Life

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Topic – Impacts of Social Networking Sites
Material and Methods
Social Networking Media: // Object of study
Social Networking Media, which was a technological invention is evolving and has gained its own prominence in present day. Social Media has its impacts on human life. Impacts are both positive and negative which are measured based on usage and purpose. Social Networking sites appears in various forms depending on social activities. Facebook, WhatsApp are used for sharing one’s feeling and to stay connected with closed one living in far distance places. Twitter is used for broadcasting the information, to know about celebrity related information and also to get the survey of public opinions. LinkedIn is a site which enables professionals to showcase their profile information and employers can easily filter the candidate’s profile based on job specifications [1].
In the growing informative society, social media has acquired importance where it can be used as platform for publishing, advertising and also to create awareness. Along with these positive aspects it also has some negative side such as: usage by political parties to impose their agenda, cyber bullying, sexting, and online harassment.
Positive and Negative Impacts: // Explain what you are doing to your object:
Social Networking sites has both advantages and disadvantages. Social Media, when used cautiously is helpful to people. Communication skills were improved and people can stay connected with social…

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