Impact Of Advertising On The World Of Advertising Essay

897 Words Nov 29th, 2016 4 Pages
“Hi! Billy Mays here from mighty putty, the easy way to fix, fill, and seal virtually anything fast and make it last,” is one of the most recognized phrases not only from Billy Mays’ salesman career, but most likely infomercial history. The power behind this one line is terrifying, this one line has the capability to catch the person’s attention along with getting them intrigued with the imagine in front of them in the television, and all it does is states the product being promoted. Using its 1-2-3 easy steps of “fix, fill, and seal,” that anyone can do, combined with a rhyme added for the perfect catchy phrasing just to captivate the audience and intrigue them into buying the product, revealing the real power of the world in the world of advertising. This is just one of millions of commercials found in television, radios, and even on your free videos on your internet.
Throughout the years, the expansion of advertising in big companies has expanded gradually, and has taken the form that is in our society. Nowadays, it’s a massive field in by itself, having available advertising majors which turn into huge careers ranging from $47,000 up to $95,500 a year, beating the personal average of $44,000 a year, this career is not a field to take lightly. Furthermore, correlating to the massive work services is the immense population that view these advertisements. Since these ads can be placed in every corner, the entire population is a victim of these manipulative deceits. As…

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