Imagine Preparing For A Big Playoff Game Essay

1472 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
Imagine preparing for a big playoff game. You have dreamed of this moment ever since you were young. All of those tournaments, practices, open gyms, and infinite repetitions all come into play now. You are in the locker room with your team. The music is blaring which gets your adrenaline pumping. You slide on your uniform which has on the number you have been striving to represent for years. Eventually you head into the hall to stretch and get loose. Those pre-game jitters are getting to you, so you mentally prepare with your team. Your coach gives you a pep talk, explaining what needs to happen in order to win. When he finishes talking, you team it up and head to the entrance of the gym. As you peek in, you notice the stands are overflowing with fans from both schools. The warm-up CD starts playing. It is time to go. When running in, the crowd explodes with screaming and cheering. The moment you have been preparing for is finally here. You are about to play the sport you love, with the team you love, in front of people from your school and community. This is one of an athlete’s favorite memories. Basketball and volleyball are two sports that I have played ever since I was young, and I continue to adore them to this day. They provide a positive influence on me, and I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to participate in both athletic activities. Although these sporting events share obvious similarities, they also have a variety of differences which makes them unique.

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