Essay Identifying The Learning Styles Can Influence Teaching

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VARK Analysis
James A. Hickok
Grand Canyon University
Shauna Wise
April 4, 2015 VARK Analysis
It is commonly understood that everyone does not learn in the same way. Tailoring the manner in which education is presented can determine the instructor’s and the student’s success. There are several tools that teachers and students can use to assist with this process. Among these tools is the VARK Questionnaire. The VARK Questionnaire is a survey that can help determine the preferred learning style of an individual. This paper will discuss the author’s results of this questionnaire. Compare some of the learning strategies suggested to the preferred learning style. It will discuss how the knowledge of the different learning styles can influence how teaching is presented.
The VARK Questionnaire is a survey tool developed in 1992. The assessment categorizes the individual’s results into five styles of learning. They are as follows: Visual, Aural, Reading, Kinesthetic and Multimodal. A learner with who has a visual style of learning best comprehends seeing diagrams and graphs. A learner with an aural learning preference best comprehends hearing information. A learner with a reading style preference best comprehends with written directions and lists. A learner with a kinesthetic style preference best comprehends with a hands on approach. The last style of learning presented is the multimodal or mixture style. This style a learner does not utilize just a…

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