Two Approaches To Learning Physics By David Hammer Analysis

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David Hammer, the author of Two Approaches to Learning Physics, discusses how two students’ learning styles affect their capability of fully understanding physics. As one might already know, everyone has different methods of learning. Some learn visually, while others need to hear things to learn well. But what is the best way to learn? Throughout his article, Hammer discusses the importance of how the content is being taught to students. Although everyone learns differently, everyone is taught the same material. We interpret things differently from the way we are taught. “There seems to be a trade=off in the extent to which we can promote independent reasoning vs the amount of material we can cover. We need to consider our priorities.” As Hammer makes it clear that he is telling his audience, physics teachers or even teachers in general, that they need to reevaluate the way they teach their students. Based off on how the teachers deliver the information to the students, their conception on the subject is different. If teachers …show more content…
My approach to learning is by experience. There are many strengths and weakness to learning from experience. When you learn by experience, you don’t know what you are getting yourself into the first time around. You will learn from your mistakes. Learning from your experience is the most effective way because it will be embedded in your memory. What you learned came from your own experiences and you won’t forget it. Of course, when you learn from your own experience, it is much slower than just someone telling you how things work. You will learn along the way as you do things. So for homework let’s say, if I didn’t understand a problem, I’m the type to try and figure it out on my own before I get help from the internet or a friend. I like to know that I am able to find the solution before being given the steps to it because I learn better my

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